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Home Town Healthcare — the best care begins with you.

The Georgetown Hospital Foundation was created to raise funds to enhance the healthcare services provided by the Georgetown Hospital for the people of Halton Hills.

As with all hospitals in Ontario, community support from local businesses, community groups and individuals is the only way the Hospital can fully fund the medical equipment it needs to provide the best healthcare.

Some of the most important medical tools being used for patient care in our hospital right now have been funded by community support: Fetal Monitors; Infant Isolettes; IV pumps; and Emergency Resuscitation Carts — just to name a few.

A donation to The Georgetown Hospital Foundation is an investment in the best home town healthcare for you, your family, your community.  The best care begins with you.

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Make a monthly, quarterly, or annual gift and help the Hospital put the best tools in the hands of its health care professionals. Help them provide the best health care, close to home.

There are many ways to make your gift. You may drop off a donation at the Foundation Office, call (905) -873-4599 to donate by telephone, or click here to make an on-line donation right now and receive an instant Charitable Donation Receipt via e-mail.


A bequest in your Will is a way of securing the best hometown healthcare for the future. Your bequest, life insurance policy, RRIF proceeds, or other deferred gift will help fund the top priorities of the Georgetown Hospital well into the future.

Please contact the Foundation Office for assistance planning a gift that will honour your wishes, save taxes for your estate and create a legacy of strong healthcare for the people of Halton Hills. We are available to help with proper structuring of your gift, wording for your bequest in your will, tax planning, and ensuring your gift is used for the area of patient care you wish to support.

A person’s legacy should be a reflection of their values – the right charity can help their legacy reflect those values in a very meaningful way.  They will want to make sure the charity they select for this will be able to fulfill it.  Beyond that, it’s all technical.  There are many financial tools that can be used, so a donor should feel confident that the charity they choose can treat their estate gift with the best possible advantage.  But for 90% of bequests it’s very simple and the most important thing is an alignment of heart.

A growing group of people have decided to leave a gift in their Wills to the Georgetown Hospital Foundation.  Join this group of far-sighted donors. With your help we can bring better care to the families in our community.


The 2006 proposed Federal Budget made gifts of publicly-traded securities more tax-effective than ever before. All donations of marketable securities to registered charities are now totally exempt from capital gains tax.

Eligible donations include stocks, bonds and mutual funds listed on a public securities exchange such as the TSX. The donation must be a transfer of the stock itself, not a cash donation of the proceeds of sale of the stock.

This presents an outstanding opportunity for donors with appreciated stock portfolios to make substantial charitable gifts at reduced cost.

Stock Donation Form

Take, for example, a $10,000 donation of stock for which the donor paid $2,000 some time ago. The donor transfers the stock to charity and receives a receipt for $10,000. The receipt produces the usual tax credit of 46% or $4,600.

Normally, disposing of such highly-appreciated stock would result in a capital gain of $8,000 ($10,000 present value minus $2,000 cost). Since half of all capital gain is taxed as income, this would result in an additional $4,000 of taxable income and a tax bill of $1,840.

Under the previous donation rules, by donating the stock to a registered charity the donor would have saved half of this tax, or $920. Now the donor will save the entire $1,840 because there will be no tax due on the capital gain.

The result: the donor makes has turned an investment of $2,000 into a $10,000 donation for a favourite charity and a $4,600 tax credit for the benefit of the donor.

As you can see, the savings can be substantial. There is no minimum donation amount, and the transfer itself is quite straightforward.


Make a special contribution in memory of a loved one or friend, or in honour of a special person or occasion. The Foundation will advise the family of your thoughtfulness, and you will receive an acknowledgment, recognition and a tax receipt for your donation.

You can make a tribute gift over the phone (905) 873-4599, in person at One Princess Anne Drive, or on-line through our Secure Donations Page.

Please read our Gift Acceptance Policy & Guidelines.

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