Your Dollars At Work

Did you give to the Campaign for Georgetown Hospital?
Then you helped save this man’s life…

… in 2013 we installed a CT scanner at Georgetown Hospital. The scanner is used for diagnostic imaging and is often used in emergency situations.

Not long after we began using the scanner, a patient came to our Emergency Department having fallen, hit his head and lost consciousness. A head CT scan was ordered to determine whether there was any bleeding in his head or other brain damage that could account for his losing consciousness.

The CT scan of his head came back clear, so the ER doctor ordered a second CT, this time of the patient’s abdomen. Within minutes an arterial aneurysm was diagnosed bleeding in the abdomen. It was a life and death situation requiring emergency surgery where minutes could mean the difference.

He was transferred to the care of a surgeon who immediately operated to repair the ruptured aorta.

If this had occurred a few months earlier, the patient would have been sent to Milton for diagnosis using their CT scanner. Not once, but twice. The diagnosis would have taken two trips back and forth and meant waiting hours, not minutes, to find the bleeding artery.

This man did not have hours. Our CT scanner enabled us to save his life.

The scanner was paid for by generous donations from people in our community. There was no other way for us to get one. It has already been used to help thousands of patients, including the patient in this story.

The point of my story is that your donations to Georgetown Hospital save lives. On behalf of everyone the hospital has helped, thank you for all of your generous support.



Dr. Justin Busse

Associate Chief of Staff, Georgetown Hospital

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