Your community needs YOU!

My name is Allan and I’ve been a Georgetown resident for over 30 years. I’m also a volunteer at the Georgetown Hospital.

It is easy, in a community like Georgetown, to take our hospital for granted. After all, it’s open whenever we need it. We have access to excellent care delivered by compassionate professionals and volunteers. Our hospital is a central gathering point for the community in times of crisis, and it’s a core part of our quality of life.

Our hospital is not just good – it is exceptional.Allan2

As a community-based hospital, we’ve made a commitment to providing Georgetown residents with the very best services close to home. This includes a top-level emergency department, diagnostic imaging – including a CT Scanner, 37 acute and 20 complex/continuing care beds, and all of the other departments and services that make our hospital the resource that it is.

But without the support of our community, from generous residents like you, these exceptional services will not be properly funded.

As part of this commitment, the hospital recognized the need for orthopaedic care closer to home. Surgical repair of fractured hips and follow up care required multiple trips to other hospitals outside the region – making it more difficult to receive treatment and care. To address this, the hospital revamped their orthopaedic department, hiring two orthopaedic specialists and building a new Fracture Clinic.

This was made possible by donations from our community.

Our Orthopaedic specialists – Dr. Lu and Dr. Venkateswaran – are very special indeed. Not only do they offer our community the very best general orthopaedic care, but their sub-specialties make them sought-after for sports injuries, and foot and ankle surgery as well.

Patients who have been treated by Dr. Lu and Dr. Venkateswaran build a special bond with their doctor, the Fracture Clinic, and the nurses, technicians and volunteers who work there. They let us know how they’re doing and what they’ve been able to achieve following their treatment – and they remind us how integral these services are to our community’s ongoing healthcare.

When I became a volunteer, I knew that this was the department
where I wanted to make a difference, and now I’m asking you to make a difference here as well.

Since opening three years ago, our new Orthopaedic department has
treated more than 18,000 patients in our Fracture Clinic, and we’ve
reduced our hip surgery wait times to the shortest in the region –
dramatically increasing the successful recovery rates of our patients.

There are very few things more important than good health and exceptional healthcare, and I want to personally thank youfor your generosity in the past. Gift s like yours have enabled ourhospital to add the resources, services and equipment needed togrow the quality of healthcare available in our community – and I see these benefi ts each day I’m there. Everyone has been so supportive, but there’s always more to do.

As our Orthopaedic department continues to grow, our equipment
requirements grow as well, and our Fracture Clinic – with the
volume of patients we serve – is already in need of upgrades.
With your help, we can make these needs a reality.

Please consider giving again. Your community needs YOU!


Allan Welters

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